How and Why To Setup Facebook Pixel on your WordPress Website, Blog or Shop - ProPhoto, Showit, WooCommerce & Shopify

Facebook Pixel: How and Why to Setup – Easy & for Free

Some of the clients I had worked with on custom website design projects needed a piece of information on how to add a Facebook Pixel on their WordPress, ProPhoto, Showit blogs, or websites and WooCommerce or Shopify shops. Considering that I had set a Facebook pixel on my own website and that it is especially important when it comes to

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How to install Free, Premium, Add-on or Any Showit Templates

How to Install any Showit Template – The Complete Guide

As a Showit designer who designs and has designed not only custom websites but Showit Templates as well I often get asked how to install a Showit Template. When I design custom Showit Websites I handle the complete process of setting up and installing the custom Showit website design into the client Showit account. And, I handle the process from

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The Complete Showit Review - Pros and Cons You Need to Know

The Complete Showit Review – Pros and Cons You Need to Know

As a Showit website designer who designs Showit templates and Custom Showit websites for quite some time, I often get asked about a Showit review as a platform. Usually, when I was previously asked for a Showit review or opinion on Showit as a platform by photographers and creative businesses I emailed them all of the information I gathered by

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