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12 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Marketing and SEO

Have you ever wondered if blogging for your business is worth it and why blogging is important? Would your business benefit from blogging?

Let’s start at the very beginning!

Building your business can be a difficult yet challenging thing. You can invest hundreds of hours of effort into the business, but if you still don’t bring the important components into the business, you might not be as successful as you dreamed to be.

Today entrepreneurs are realizing blogging benefits and boosts their business growth. Traditionally, blogs were only seen as personal places to express yourself and your personal views. However, this misconception is no longer true and is due to the history of the early days of blogging.

The truth is, that blogs are great mediums allowing businesses to reach a broader audience and introduce themselves to potential consumers, clients, or customers no matter if the intention is to grow brand awareness or selling of products or services.

There are several ways to do this type of blogging. However, the best approach is to start your own blog. You can easily craft quality posts around your business, what you do, and what you offer. 

I know starting your own blog can be a bit scary and intimidating at first! However, if you dedicate time and effort to writing quality content tailored to your audience’s wants, needs, and what they truly seek and desire you will see positive results.

Still curious or not fully convinced about starting your own blog and dedicating time, resources, and efforts to your business blog? Read the following reasons why doing so can boost your business growth. Just check out the below reasons why blogging is important and how a blog can help you grow your business.

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Reasons Why Blogging is Important

Why Blogging is important

1 | Brand Recognition, Establishing Authority & Trust

The fastest way to get your business’s name out to the public is to make it known to your targeted marketing group or target audience.

If you want to get your business’s name or personal brand out there to people interested in a specific topic you should craft content for your blog around that specific topic. I am sure you can easily think of 10-20 blog post topic ideas that would interest your audience while reading this post, too.

When you are at the stage where you have defined your niche or at least know who your audience is and what they might be interested the next step is to figure out useful and informational posts. These articles should be full of resourceful information about topics related to your business and ones to fill in the information gaps with.

One of the most important things when writing your blog posts is not sounding like an advertisement. Just write as you would talk to a close friend, and do not over-obsess to make your content perfect.

If you get a comment on your article, make sure to respond with valuable information and make your answer personable, too. By doing so you will make your brand visible, accessible, and recognizable. This is a subtle yet highly effective way to get your audience’s attention.

The more you post, the more widely known and trusted your brand will become by your target audience. They will be more inclined to spread the word by telling their friends and family about your brand and website, and as a result, your audience will grow much faster. This isn’t a fast way to get started. However, if you invest time into your blog results will come.

2 | Differentiation from your competitors

You might ask yourself why blogging is important when it comes to differentiation from your competitors. How this is relevant?

Blogging for your business will not only establish you as an authority in your niche but will also provide a place where you can share your business or personal brand’s unique values, expert opinions, valuable content, and offerings.

No content is ever the same. And, if you add some personality to what you share with your audience and your point of view on subjects that matter to them you will show how you are different from your competitors. Your approach to subjects relevant to your audience’s interests within your niche is the one that will help you show your unique skills.

3 | Building Relationships

Experienced entrepreneurs and business owners know they can grow faster with the help of others. A great way to connect and build relationships with other businesses and potential clients is via your blog. If you are regularly posting relevant and valuable content, your audience will appreciate your efforts and be assured of your expertise.

Another relationship you should invest in is networking with your industry peers. When you have a blog filled with valuable information your reputation will increase not only with your audience but with your industry peers, too.

Networking with them and guest posting on each other blogs is another way to build relationships and reach a much wider audience, too. Writing guest posts on other blogs or advertising on other blogs is a great way to promote your brand. Both of these marketing approaches have proven to be effective and should be fairly easy to get into when you blog regularly, and are some of the most essential things why blogging is important to your business growth.

4 | Driving traffic

Blogging is an awesome way to increase the visibility of your brand, no matter if it is for a business or a personal one. Blogging helps drive traffic to your website, especially since all search engines just as Google favor websites with fresh and regularly updated content.

Every article on your website is a new page and by using relevant keywords your audience searches for solutions, is an opportunity for your website to show up in search and drive organic traffic to your website.

5 | Converting traffic

Just driving traffic to a website is meaningless if you do not convert that traffic into whatever goal you have set for your business or personal brand’s website.

No matter if your goal is growing brand awareness, getting more clients, or something else, setting a goal for your website and blog is super important.

While the traffic growth to your blog and website is extra awesome, the most important thing is conversion. It’s the essential purpose of driving traffic to any website and probably the biggest reason why blogging is important.

6 | Platform for updates

By establishing a blog for your business or personal brand you are getting a dedicated platform that runs 24/7 and promotes your business essentially for free. This is a place you 100% own, a place that will not go away, unlike social media marketing platforms.

The content you share is in your possession only, and you can do with your content whatever you want and need at the most convenient time for you.

And, not only that! Your blog is the most relevant place on the internet where you can refer your audience to get official information and updates about your business.

7 | Social Media Marketing

Every article on your blog is content that is easily shared across social media. Content within each blog post will also get you some more ideas about social media content, too.

By sharing all of your content via social media you are building your authority and establishing yourself as an expert within your niche. And, not only that! Blog posts and articles can be shared as many times as you want and need via social media.

So, in essence, by writing and publishing articles on your blog regularly you’re building your own content library. And, the content library comes in handy on those days when you need inspiration about what you can share on social media.

So, blogging for business also impacts your social marketing efforts positively and is one of the most overlooked reasons why blogging is important for a business or personal brand’s growth.

8 | Engagement and Feedback

Maintaining a blog full of valuable content relevant to your audience encourages engagement and feedback. By blogging you’re providing a platform for your audience where they can interact with your content, leave comments, ask questions, and seek guidance.

They can also provide feedback about your content, services, and offerings. And, this is valuable feedback you can then use for writing more content, adding new or expanding an existing offer, one your audience needs.

9 | SEO

Blogging significantly improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Writing content for your blog allows for the incorporation of keywords. And, the use of keywords is crucial in directing organic search traffic to your website. When you use keywords that your audience is searching for, your site becomes more visible to search engines, improving your chances of appearing in search results.

By blogging regularly you’re publishing fresh, original content which search engines favor. As I said earlier, each new article, adds a new page to your site index and creates opportunities for your website to display in search. This leads to increased visibility and higher site traffic.

Link-building strategies are essential for the SEO of your website and blog. By publishing high-quality content on your blog you will attract backlins from other websites. And, this will improve your website’s authority and placement in search engine results.

Those who are familiar with SEO techniques know that backlinks signal your website to search engines as a reputable source of information. In time, as a result, traffic to your website will grow.

11 | Analytics

Every business is blind if they do not implement any analytics tracking on their own website. The reasons why analytics is important for your business growth are plenty, and it is no different when it comes to your blog.

Implementing analytics on your website or blog, Google Analytics, or some other, will give you an absolutely free-of-charge window into your audience’s minds.

Your blog analytics will give you an insight into what your audience searches for, and what their needs and problems are. You can then craft content, products, or services to satisfy that need.

12 | Long-term results

Blogging for your business or personal brand is an investment and drives long-term results. Articles and blog posts you write and share on your blog can stay there indefinitely.

And, if well-optimized, in time may rank high in search and drive consistent plus significant traffic to your website. They will attract more visitors to your website, make your business more visible, and improve discoverability.

One more reason why blogging is important if you want to see a long-term return on investment from your blogging efforts.

Key Takeaway: Reasons why Blogging is Important for Marketing and SEO of Your Business or Personal Brand

As you can see, blogging can be a great way to promote and grow your business or personal brand. It may seem like tricky advertising, and in some ways it is.

However, blogging is free advertising that does the same thing as commercials on television do. It reaches a targeted marketing group letting them know of your brand and products, and sometimes acts like an endorsement.

Overall, it is an effective way to spread the word about your business or your personal brand. Giving people reassurance by sharing information about who you are and what you do will result in them feeling more comfortable when it comes to working with you. Blogging minimizes the barrier between your audience and your business or personal brand and impacts your reputation in a positive way. The higher your reputation is, the more likely they will trust you.

So, even if you want to use blogging to build your business’s reputation or personal brand, it will be worth your while. Give it a try and see what type of results you will get using these tips on why blogging is important for your business growth.

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