The Complete Showit Review - Pros and Cons You Need to Know

The Complete Showit Review – Pros and Cons You Need to Know

As a designer who designs Showit website templates and websites for quite some time, I often get asked about a Showit review as a platform. Usually, when I was previously asked for a Showit review or opinion on Showit as a platform by photographers and creative businesses I emailed them all of the information I gathered by using and utilizing

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Ways How to make an Effective About Page

8 Ways How To Make an Effective About Page

Planning your website design content? One of the ‘must have’ pages is the About page. The About Us page is an essential part of any website and probably is the most visited page. Just think about it – if you want to find out who behind a website is, you just landed on no matter if it is a website

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Tips How to decide if minimal website design is right for your photography or creative business website

4 Tips How to decide if Minimal Web Design is Right for your Photography or Creative Website

By designing your photography or creative website with minimal design, you can put an accent on user experience and the content, services or products. Although minimal web design often is observed as ‘lack of creativity’ or even ‘boring’, these days is taking its toll all around the web. Of course, there are opposite opinions on minimal web design, however, there are some benefits from psychological and communication point of view, too.

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