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14 Easy Tips: How to Grow Instagram Account Organically

Get discovered on Instagram by your audience and build your loyal follower base with these 14 Easy Tips on How to Grow Instagram Account Organically.

Instagram is one of the largest and probably most important channels for your brand or business to be found by your audience. An active and organically growing Instagram account is an essential tool for building brand perception and authority, especially if your business is a creative one. I compiled a list of 14 Easy Tips on How to Grow an Instagram Account Organically.

For you to grow your business, and stand out from competitors, you should work on growing a loyal and engaged following. Your following should be filled with people who want to hear from you and are attracted to what you offer.

With the continued popularity of influencer marketing, brands and people are spreading their message and reaching their target audience, almost overnight, at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Sometimes it can feel like your Instagram engagement has barely scratched the surface.

How to grow Instagram account Organically

So how do you Increase Instagram Engagement and get likes and new followers on Instagram?

Many would argue you should use a mix of organic building as well as growth services. If you are not familiar with what Growth services are – they can help you instantly add likes, add Instagram followers, and build your Instagram profile overnight.

Many would argue purchasing or “boosting” likes and engagement will increase credibility and portray you as popular to your potential audience. And, the theory goes in the direction they will then follow and engage with your profile or product because they now have a better perception and confidence in your brand.

However, I believe the best strategy and best results come from growing your Instagram account organically. There are so many negative aspects of using an Instagram Growth Service – I would never use one for any of my brands.

Instead, I would vouch for you to utilize all of the organic Instagram growth techniques that are available to you. In the end, the best results come from genuine interaction and attraction of your real and dream client audience.  There are other tips and tricks which we recommend to engage to help build your Instagram profile over time, to gain the most organic followers and likes. Here are my top ideas and tips recommended by social media experts on how to grow Instagram Account Organically.

Table of Contents

Tips on How to Grow Instagram Account Organically

1 | Make Your Account Public

Another no-brainer, make your Instagram account public.

When your account is private, it limits new followers and likes from reaching your account. There’s a trend that making your Instagram account private gives followers the illusion of exclusivity or “fear of missing out.”

This may be true for popular Instagram accounts with a large following, but it will work against brands looking to increase their Instagram engagement and build a loyal following.

2 | Complete Your Profile

This tip might seem too simple to mention, but you’d be surprised how many brands or influencers leave their account incomplete or void.

It is a social etiquette that you should always fill out your account bio and use a profile image. Remember that people use your profile to judge or gauge whether or not they can trust, learn, or understand who or what your brand is on Instagram.

Take the time to select an appropriate profile image. Your profile photo can be a logo, product, or brand persona. Remember that your profile image will be small, so try picking one that will allow followers to easily identify you.

Instagram allows 150 characters in your bio only, so use them wisely. Think of your profile bio as an elevator pitch, by the end of which, followers should know a lot or as little as you want and need them to know about your brand.

3 | Polish Your Branding

Your (online) brand determines a lot more than what you might think.

Your brand defines the content type and what your visuals say about you with or without captions.

For example, Burger King is a fun, fast food brand that has mastered a colorful and youthful online branding on Instagram. Without the need for a logo, users can instantly spot and identify Burger King content.

4 | Have a Consistent Theme

People love consistency as much as they love creativity. Going beyond the constant use of filters. Consistency also includes the type of content you promise people in exchange for likes.

Brands that suffer from a lack of Instagram engagement should step back and see if there are any inconsistencies with their branding or Instagram content.

For example, if people want to know if they follow an Instagram account about dogs, they’re going to see cute puppies, not clothing or shoes. Having a consistent theme to attract followers increases likes and will grow your Instagram account organically.

5 | Use High-Quality Photos

Instagram is a highly visual social media app. From your first selfie to brands showing off their newest products and happy customers.

If you want to stand out or compete with brands, you should post high-quality images.

If photography and editing is not your top skill, have someone assist you with this critical part of your profile.

6 | Use Relevant and Local Hashtags

Hashtags are what make your post discoverable.

The more you use hashtags, the more exposure your post will receive. Instagram limits users to 30 hashtags per post (in captions, stories, or comments), so you’ll have to find the popular and relevant hashtags related to your post.

Avoid using hashtags that have nothing to do with your brand or your image; as this can feel like spam and can turn people away from your account.

Oh, and you do not have to use all 30 hashtags. Pick hashtags that are relevant to your content, and use them wisely.

7 | Tag Your Geo-Location

If you serve a specific location make sure to always tag your geo-location in your post. This will let Instagram users know where you are and will connect with your content more easily.

Tagging a general location (like “New York City” instead of a specific restaurant) will increase the chances that people will see it. People looking for photos near them will be likely to engage with them, meaning you have an excellent opportunity to get more likes on your photos!

However, if your post is relevant to a single venue in your city, make sure you tag that location instead. You will pop up in the location feed and you will get discovered by people who are scrolling through the venue location feed.

8 | Share Behind the Scenes Photos

Everyone loves to take a peek behind the curtain, people are curious to see how something is made, and the synergy between your team.

You aren’t just sharing behind-the-scenes content, you’re growing loyalty with the quality of your products and the people behind them, as well as building a relationship with lifelong customers.

9 | Create and Post Instagram Stories

More than 42% of users have become more interested in a brand/product after seeing their Instagram Story.

Instagram stories have made their way into the daily lives of users and are one of the best ways to show how active your account is as well as highlight your new post to get more likes.

Tip: You can also add hashtags to your stories to make them more discoverable to other Instagram followers who aren’t following your account.

10 | Create and Post Instagram Reels

Recently, videos have become the most viewed content by internet users. And, Instagram Reels are no exception and are one if not the top way to grow Instagram account organically.

Creating and posting Instagram Reels will improve your interaction with your audience as this format allows brands to make short, engaging, and fun content that resonates with their targeted audience.

Brands can get featured in the Explore section on Instagram under the Top Reels tab, making them more discoverable by people who might be interested in what they do and offer.

The use of organic growth strategies to grow Instagram account organically offers numerous advantages over other methods since it leads to meaningful interactions, and as a result, attracts genuine users who are interested in your content and come with a much higher conversion rate.

11 | Reply to Comments and Direct Messages

If you want to grow your Instagram account organically, engagement is the most important thing. The more engagement your content and account get, Instagram will push your content and as a result, your Instagram account will get noticed by more people.

Always be sure to reply to comments and talk with your followers each time you post. Open up the conversation and watch little by little as people begin to interact with you.

Remember also to always post consistently! Posting every now and then won’t cut it if you want to get likes on Instagram. One thing popular influencers and marketing experts have sworn by in regards to their Instagram success is posting consistently on social media.

This can range from 7 days a week to only a few select days. But once followers expect you to post daily or on certain days, you’ll have to keep that schedule, or you’ll resist losing followers and likes.

12 | Partner with Other Accounts

Another way to grow an Instagram account organically is by partnering with other businesses or Instagram influencers!

Reach out to a complimenting brand and do a co-promotion or Instagram takeover. Combining your followers and audience will help increase your Instagram engagement and likes.

Be sure to tag each other so viewers interested can quickly find you both.

13 | Run a Tag-to-Enter Giveaway

Giveaways are one of the best tools to get likes on Instagram and help to make your account more noticeable! Host a giveaway with an Insta-worthy prize and ask participants to tag a friend or friends to gain automatic entry.

This technique allows new followers and users to see your account, follow, like, and engage with your brand to grab your attention and win.

Once you have a giveaway method and prize down, simply wash, rinse, and repeat for future giveaways.

14 | Share Your Instagram Content on Other Platforms

Sharing your Instagram content on other digital platforms helps expand your reach, boosts your discoverability, and should result in increased engagement. You can share your post on other platforms with these three easy tips:

  • Add an Instagram widget or feed to your website or blog;
  • Automatically share content right on Instagram by using share buttons;
  • You can directly share a link to your Instagram post or embed your Instagram content in blog articles or other platforms. By doing so, you’re directing your audience to Instagram.

Key Takeaway: How to grow Instagram Account Organically

Whew! You came to the end of this article on how to grow an Instagram account organically! Kudos to you!

As you can see, there are many options out there for you, and you definitely should try them all.

Therefore, make sure to save this article, so you can go through the list and make sure you tackled all of the points.

It definitely takes time to grow your Instagram account organically, but with dedication, consistency, and persistence your brand will be 100% growing on Instagram!

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