Top 10 WordPress Newbie Mistakes could destroy your Photography or Creative website

Got your domain name and your own hosting? You are excited for your new website and anxious to brag all around. You jump to your server, install WordPress and select a theme. At this moment, you realize, you don’t have a content or you’d like to polish everything up before launching your website. So – you leave your website like that. You think this is not a problem, no one knows my website exists (you even link your website somewhere in your social profiles, and think – “who one earth will click my link anyway”) Wrong! Reality – most people will click just out of curiosity, and while you think your website is invisible to search engines you are wrong here, too! There are some real potential threats, too!

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7 Spotlight Reasons Why your Photography or Creative Business Needs a Newsletter

Your photography or creative business, no matter how big or small needs to get the message out to its potential clients. When doing so, the biggest challenge is to present your business in an informative yet subtle way, while at the same time presenting it clearly and attractively. As you already know, many, if not most of the businesses are already online. Times when just having a website and promoting offline with a single line on your business cards are over. Now, it takes tremendous effort to reach your potential clients, be it online or offline. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to promote your photography or creative business is to create a Newsletter for your potential clients. There are many platforms to create and distribute a newsletter, free or paid. However, prior diving into the quest to find the proper Newsletter platform, you as a business owner should understand why newsletters are SO important for your business.

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