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4 Tips How to decide if Minimal Web Design is Right for your Photography or Creative Website

The simplicity of minimal web design can be breathtaking.

By designing your photography or creative website with minimal design, you can put an accent on user experience and the content, services or products.

Although minimal web design often is observed as ‘lack of creativity’ or even ‘boring’, these days is taking its toll all around the web.

Of course, there are opposite opinions on minimal web design, however, there are some benefits from a psychological and communication point of view, too.

Years ago when the World Wide Web wasn’t that developed and content overloaded, people used to love all website designs – flashy, rich in color, graphic design elements, and textures.

However, those days are over.

We are overloaded and continuously bombed with information at every. single. point.

Will it be the bus station, your favorite coffee shop or even simply when walking home, it seems there is no possibility to escape from flashy commercials and billboards.

Having this in mind, the use of minimal web design in everyday design projects, not limited to web design, sounds more convenient and appealing.

There are quite opposite opinions on minimal web design.

However, I’m not going to argue on the subject if minimal web design would be beneficial for your photography or creative business website design.

Instead, I will pinpoint several points which are by my personal opinion and experience, important to be taken into consideration before making a decision toward the definite website design style for your photography or creative business.

Tips How to Decide if Minimal Website Design is Right for your Photography or Creative business

1 | Loading Time

If you already decided your photography or creative website design to be minimal, you most probably will experience that your site will load faster than any other website full of graphics.

These load times will also mean people can quickly navigate your site, and get the right information.

Even if there are some server-side glitches, most users will hardly notice.

This, however, depends on multiple other factors such as your server hosting quality, image resolution, file size and of course the quality of internet connection used to access your photography or creative website.

2 | Typography

By now you should already have made a decision if minimal web design is right for your photography or creative business.

The design itself will consist mostly of typography and none obtrusive graphic elements.

Be aware, the chosen typography is one of the most important if not THE most important decision on minimal web design you will have to make.

Choosing the right typography is going to be a challenge itself.

All other materials, presented on your website, should match and complement the style.

However, when making a decision don’t forget to think about your audience.

At least what should be considered is readability.

For instance, not every typeface is a good choice for every age group.

3 | Visitor interaction

The minimal web design user interface should be designed in a manner to provide smooth navigation for your audience to the points, pages, products or services you want them to see or buy.

One of the most important things is making sure the desired items are noticed by your audience easily.

Therefore it is always important to implement user-friendly navigation.

No matter will it be a menu bar with drop-down menus or simpler navigation it is upon you to choose the right one for your targeted audience.

4 | Less confusion

A professional designer hired to design your photography business or creative website in minimal web design should make sure it is simple and does the job right with less user distraction.

This, of course, is the main goal of minimal web design.

Creating confusion with minimal web design is almost impossible to do.

However, one should keep in mind, simplicity is what is important, eyes should catch the right information, the one visitor is trying to find.


If you are going through a design or redesign process for your photography or creative website:

  • make sure your decision to go the minimal web design way is the right one;
  • think about how the chosen style will reflect visitor experience;
  • check if the quality of the content presented with minimal web design is beneficial for your website.

Have you found your photography or creative business website style? I would really like to hear from you, so please feel free to share your experience below.

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