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7 Spotlight Reasons Why Your Photography or Creative Business Needs a Newsletter

Your photography or creative business, no matter how big or small needs to get the message out to its potential clients.

When doing so, the biggest challenge is to present your business in an informative yet subtle way, while at the same time presenting it clearly and attractively.

As you already know, many, if not most of the businesses are already online.

Times when just having a website and promoting offline with a single line on your business cards are over.

Now, it takes tremendous effort to reach your potential clients, be it online or offline.

Therefore, one of the most effective ways to promote your photography or creative business is to create a Newsletter for your potential clients.

There are many platforms to create and distribute a newsletter, free or paid.

However, prior diving into the quest to find the proper Newsletter platform, you as a business owner should understand why newsletters are SO important for your business.

1 | Use your Newsletter as a Marketing Tool

Newsletters are one of the most beneficial ways to promote your photography and creative business products or services while providing you with a tool to solve one of the most important business problems – keeping constant contact with customers or clients.

Creating a newsletter and getting subscribers, which are essentially audience interested in your photography or creative products or services, will prove to be a very important marketing asset, if not one of the most important.

While the challenge to deliver interesting, engaging and relevant content to each of your subscriber’s remains, one thing to remember is that newsletters are more efficient in spreading information over a large audience regardless of geographic location.


2 | Generate Traffic with your Newsletter

If your creative or photography business website is content centered, or you sell products online, one of the simplest ways to generate traffic for your website is to deliver a newsletter straight to your subscribers’ inboxes.

By doing so, you can promote your amazing content or products.

This will most probably generate more traffic to your website and hopefully increase sales, bookings or whatever your business goal is.

If your creative or photography business has an eCommerce aspect, you may want to test the conversion rate your newsletter has.

By doing so, you will have data if the increased traffic has an impact on your sales and if your newsletter has a great impact on your photography or creative business success.


3 | You can reach many people at once

Back in the times, when there was no internet and no communication tools other than reaching potential clients or customers by phone, presenting the same message to your potential base could take days, sometimes even months.

Just imagine how hard it was for businesses to reach their potential customers, just to notify them the business exists!

Luckily for you and for me ;), those days are over!

Now, with only a single push of a button, your photography or creative business can reach many people at once.

You can spread your message, announce a new product or service, start a campaign and even get feedback from some of your readers while you still drink your morning coffee.

How great is that?! 🙂


Spotlight Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

4 | Targeted distribution

If your creative or photography business is in some portion or mostly online-based, or you have clients or customers spread in different geographic locations, a newsletter is a cheapest and most efficient way to reach those customers.

While with traditional marketing you may spend hours and even days to deliver the desired message to different geographic locations, with a newsletter you are able to reach them all, almost instantly!

Having in mind the different time zones your customers or clients may be in, you might want to look up a Newsletter delivery platform able to deliver Newsletters to subscribers according to their time zones.


5 | Low-cost advertising

Another important benefit of newsletters is that they are inexpensive to produce and distribute, particularly if they are created electronically – most of them these days are :).

Even when they are used traditionally, or better say on the good old fashioned printed on paper newsletters still cost a fraction of what it would take to spend on an advertisement in a traditional media.


6 | Subscribers are customers with a higher conversion rate

Your subscribers subscribed to your newsletter because they are interested in your business and care for your cause.

No matter the way they subscribed to your newsletter, they are there for a reason.

This reason is – they want to hear more about your products, services, offers and back scenes on how you operate your creative or photography business.

Your newsletter subscribers are more likely the ones who will make a decision to pay or order your products or services.

Therefore, keeping them updated with the latest information on your business, would most likely prove to be a great Return on investment.


7 | Keep your customers or clients updated

As you already have found out by reading this post, newsletters are a great way to connect with new clients or customers for your photography or creative business.

However, newsletters can also help you to regularly stay in touch with your current clients or customers.

The way you deliver information or content you’d like to serve to your current clients and customers may be different from the one you’d like to send to potentials.

Having this in mind, it would be wise to consider if you need a separate mailing list for these two segments – to ensure your clients or customers receive “straight to the point” and relevant information.

In the end, doing so will inevitably lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Of course, segmenting your mailing list with current and potential customers is a big thing, so make sure your chosen newsletter platform supports this feature.

While separating current clients from prospects is a great thing, and may work great for the type of business you are doing, it may not be an easy task to maintain and update this list manually.

Therefore, if a feature like this is essential for your business you need to ensure your newsletter management platform provides it, prior to diving into newsletter development and implementation on your website or elsewhere.



Newsletters are one of the promotional tools a modern business can’t exist without.

Having in mind dynamic lives we all live, most of us are not able to keep up with information from all different sources and check their websites daily.

A Newsletter for your business will deliver any piece of information straight in your subscribers’ inbox.

By keeping them updated with the latest information, you will increase your business credibility and customer satisfaction, which should lead to more bookings, more sales, and development of your photography or creative business.

I’m curious to find out so tell me in the comments bellow

  • Have you implemented a newsletter for your photography or creative business?
  • Which platform do you like the most?
  • What features you like? and
  • What do you think are some weaknesses in promoting your photography or creative business with a newsletter?

I’d love to know! 🙂

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