Meet Elizabeth Marie – Classic Wedding Photography Design for ProPhoto 6

I have been working behind the scenes to get yet another theme design for ProPhoto 6 into the Flying Muse store. If you’ve been following my work and you have subscribed to the newsletter you probably got a sneak peek email I always sent out to my subscribers. They always get the first preview for any of the designs I launch among other occasional updates. So, if you haven’t subscribed already make sure you do so 🙂

Back to the design. 🙂

Elizabeth Marie is a classic design for wedding photographers with a vintage flair, fully customizable & responsive with subtle, classic and elegant elements made to impress and last. You can completely style Elizabeth Marie for ProPhoto 6 to fit your wedding photography business branding.

The Elizabeth Marie ProPhoto 6 design is now available in the Flying Muse shop.

Elizabeth Marie - A ProPhoto 6 Design

* stunning featured photography by Ashley Peterson Photography

Get the Elizabeth Marie ProPhoto 6 design

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