Meet Champagne – a minimal ProPhoto wedding photography design

I’m really excited to add my very first ProPhoto 6 minimal wedding photography design template to the Flying Muse design templates collection. The Champagne ProPhoto 6 template is fully customizable and designed around an existing photographer marketing design template already available via my shop. Both designs allow you to completely style your wedding photography business brand. The marketing set & the ProPhoto 6 design templates are now available in my shop, and each can be purchased separately.

Champagne - A minimal ProPhoto 6 design for wedding photographers


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Free Pricing Guide Template Design for Wedding Photographers

Free Wedding Photography Pricing Guide Photoshop Template Design
Determining your own pricing strategy can be one of the hardest things you need to do for your photography or creative business. While investing time in determining your pricing is no brainer, the process itself can leave you overwhelmed. You may be tempted to update your pricing and print it out in a simple document or text file – because you need your prices updated, like yesterday! Yes, sometimes we all do fast things to grow our business, and it is ok – just sometimes.

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4 Tips How to decide if Minimal Web Design is Right for your Photography or Creative Website

The simplicity of minimal web design can be breathtaking.

By designing your photography or creative website with minimal design, you can put an accent on user experience and the content, services or products. Although minimal web design often is observed as ‘lack of creativity’ or even ‘boring’, these days is taking its toll all around the web. Of course, there are opposite opinions on minimal web design, however, there are some benefits from psychological and communication point of view, too.

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How to Target Facebook Page Audience without Facebook Ads

While Facebook makes constant changes to the algorithm, there is nothing much left for us creative and photography business owners to do, if we don’t want our wallets to get broken. Getting posts and offers seen on Facebook these days, sometimes feels like not worth the hassle. The situation goes that far, that some creative and photography business owners choose to spend their energy on other social media platforms and leave behind established Facebook business pages to pursue better audience reach and return on investment.Continue Reading →

What is the best cost effective website platform for your photography or creative business

You finally decided to start your photography or creative business. You are excited, got your legal name registered and just thrilled to start marketing your services to potential clients. You realize everything is great, but how do you reach your potential and dream clients? While maybe got your photography or creative business the bare branding basics – a logo and business cards designed – just came to a conclusion – you need a website, too. After all, you want to get those dream clients to book you or buy a product from you, don’t you?Continue Reading →

Top 10 WordPress Newbie Mistakes could destroy your Photography or Creative website

Got your domain name and your own hosting? You are excited for your new website and anxious to brag all around. You jump to your server, install WordPress and select a theme. At this moment, you realize, you don’t have a content or you’d like to polish everything up before launching your website. So – you leave your website like that. You think this is not a problem, no one knows my website exists (you even link your website somewhere in your social profiles, and think – “who one earth will click my link anyway”) Wrong! Reality – most people will click just out of curiosity, and while you think your website is invisible to search engines you are wrong here, too! There are some real potential threats, too!

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